Straight Cut Gears

Are you on the hunt for straight cut gears? DP Gears have what you’re looking for. We have over 40 years of experience in the gear cutting and manufacturing industry. Based in Dudley, we work with a variety of renowned businesses across the UK, but also supply straight cut gears to individual customers to a high-quality standard.

DP Gears provide bespoke straight cut gears, manufacturing gear components such as worms and wheels, machining gears, and sprockets.

Local to the industrial heartland of the country, we employ the best engineers whose expert skills mean we are amongst the most reliable gear cutting companies around. We can guide you on the gear types that most suitable for your needs.

DP Gears ensure a fast return time with competitively priced quotes. The standard of our work is guaranteed through specialist machinery, careful inspection of gears and a dedicated commitment to customer service

gear cutting
Gear Cutting

DP Gears offer an array gear cutting services for whatever gear you need manufacturing.

Hobbing uses a machine to cut the grooves or teeth into a gear. Straight cut gears have teeth that point straight out, whereas standard gears use a helical shape.

Milling rotates a gear in the angle you want to trim and removes unwanted material. It can be performed vertically or horizontally and allows pieces to be modelled into complex forms.

Broaching is sued to cut large gears into shapes. This shape is made via a cutting tool being pulled through an object.

These are for both straight cut gears and helical gears. DP Gears will help with any gear issues you have.

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