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Site Service Engineering

We Carry Out Onsite Maintenance All Round The Country

Onsite Engineering

At DP Gears our engineering background blends itself into our onsite maintenance repairs, using all our knowledge in fitting, machining, gearbox repairs and gear cutting we have the ability to construct a solution on and offsite to each customers specification.

When a machine is no longer working to its full capacity and you are unsure to repair or replace our onsite engineering team will provide you with honest, cost-effective advice.

Each of our fitters are multi-skilled and experts in site service engineering, therefore we can solve most problems quickly and efficiently. Having onsite maintenance service means we can complete all work with a fast turnaround.

We carry out work from water treatment plants, assembly plants, amusement parks, food production, plastic and extrusion, tube and steel production, agriculture to aggregate and tarmac to name but a few. With over 40 years in business, there is nothing we cannot put our hands to. DP Gears also have the advantage of an on-site spider crane, to aid with all the hard to access areas with a total 2.9-ton lift. Spider cranes are capable of fitting through normal doorways, mostly used in places where larger cranes cannot get but still just as tough for all site service engineering needs. 

DP Gears are not a multi production company, we provide a breakdown service for all types of gears. In all aspects of production, manufacturing or engineering if it has a transmission we can fix it. Visit us to use our onsite engineering services or contact us and we will come to you.

Great company, helpful and friendly. Competitive prices and went above and beyond to get the job done in a quick and timely manner. Used repeatedly and would definitely recommend

A breakdown engineering company that meets all your needs and expectations. With in house gear cutting, fabrication and milling capabilities as well as national and international on-site engineering services.

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