Gear Cutting Halesowen

DP Gears is a leading UK gear cutting company in Halesowen.

Industrial organisations that rely on machinery for various manufacturing operations require gear cutting services. With frequent and routine use, machine and gear wear and tear is unavoidable, and organisations require local gear cutting professionals to assist restore their machining gears to full operating condition. And Halesowen-based DP Gears Dudley is a UK-leading gear cutting manufacturer.

Our Gear Cutting Services Halesowen

DP Gears has over 40 years of gear cutting experience, assisting businesses in Halesowen, the West Midlands, and throughout the United Kingdom. We provide a good and professional service of machining gears, engineering, gear cutting, and manufacturing through our broaching, milling, hobbing, and grinding operations.

The types of gears our gear cutting covers includes:

  • Worms & Wheels
  • Machining Gears
  • Helical
  • Double Helical
  • Spur Gears
  • Sprockets
  • & Many more.

If you would like to see our gear cutting work and the types of gears we work on, click here

Gear Cutting Across Industries in Halesowen

As an experienced gear cutting firm, we have worked with a range of industrial companies across the UK, and our gear cutting services are equipped and ready for all kinds of manufacturing organisations that rely on working machinery. DP Gears entails providing a breakdown service for any and all types of gears, leveraging our expertise in gear manufacturing and gear cutting to get your machinery back up and running.

You can contact us via our website if you have any questions about whether the machinery in your industry is suitable for our gear cutting services.

gear and cog wheel for gear cutting services

Onsite Gear Cutting Halesowen

Our Halesowen gear cutting services are also not restricted to our premises. DP Gears might use our spider crane to assist with gear cutting operations on your facilities, depending on your task needs and site challenges.

So, in addition to our gear cutting experience, our flexibility in how and where we do our services is a big advantage of ours, and a major value to yours.

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Industrial gearbox repairs, general engineering, site services, and plastic extrusion and extruders are some of our other complementary services. So, if your organisation requires DP Gears, contact us right now!


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