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Engineering & Machining

Our Engineering Expertise Is Vast & Varied

Engineering Expertise

DP Gears engineering expertise is vast and varied. All our machinists are trained in a multitude of machining & engineering capabilities. When dealing with breakdowns a key strength is our unparalleled experience and ability to construct a solution that best suits each customer’s specifications.

Reverse engineering is a useful technique to find a solution for the majority of breakdowns. This is a process where DP Gears will locate the geometry of the worn out, damaged or old gear in order to repair or replace. The process of reverse engineering includes the use of advanced measuring and inspection tools to measure the exact geometry, by doing this process it enables DP gears to deconstruct a gear to analyse meaning we can create an exact copy of the original if need be.

We offer a number of processes that can be carried out on-site which include:

Turning - the machining process which includes a non-rotary tool bit

Milling – machining with rotary cutters

Boring – single-point cutting tool (such as a barrel)

Slotting – vertical axis cutting tool

Thread milling – thread mill inserted into a workpiece such as nuts, bolts and screws

Key seating – the result of drillstring wearing an additional hole

Surface and cylindrical grinding – used to shape the outside of an object

We also specialise in the repair of shafts or worn parts, providing an alternative to making a completely new part and are stockists of cast iron sleeves for motor end shields.

All of these are carried out as part of our breakdown service.


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Engineering Service
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Engineering Services
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