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When your industrial or manufacturing business suffers machinery breakdown, not only do you have to contend with productivity downtime, but you also face a potential logistical nightmare of either getting your equipment to a qualified repairer, or more ideally, a repairer that can come and repair onsite at your premises.

DP Gears Dudley, near Birmingham, provide breakdown engineering site services. If required, they will endeavour to carry out onsite engineering repairs at your premises.

Engineering Site Services - Repairs

So, what can DP Gears repair? Our answer is: If it has a transmission, we can fix it!

Our engineering experts have wide and varied backgrounds, so whatever machining repair you require, DP Gears can apply reverse engineering processes on damaged and worn-out parts so we can create exact copies of originals or find innovative workarounds to ensure your equipment can get back to full working order. There aren’t many engineering companies that can offer such complete engineering site services across Birmingham and the UK.

Onsite Machinery We Repair

Our Birmingham and UK engineering site services cover repairs on a wide range of industrial machinery, and if you have any specific queries, we welcome and encourage you to contact us.

With our breakdown engineering expertise, DP Gears is more than likely to offer a solution that works for your business. The common applications and units we work on includes;

  • Industrial Gearboxes
  • All industrial gear types (including gear cutting)
  • Extrusion Units
  • Machining Gears
  • And much more.

Find out more about our engineering services and onsite site services.

Site Services - Types of Site We Cover

waterplant and path, onsite engineering
quarry with conveyor for onsite repairs and maintenance
onsite engineering, fairground ride yellow seat
engineering indoor workshop with mechanical engineers

The engineering site services we offer are suitable for almost all industrial and manufacturing premises that require onsite engineering repairs. We have the means, skills, and flexibility to carry engineering site service repairs across Birmingham and the UK at large.

DP Gears has carried out our specialist engineering site services at;

  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Assembly Plants
  • Amusement Parks
  • Food Production Factories
  • Plastic & Extrusion Sites.
  • Tube & Steel Sites
  • Agricultural Premises
  • Aggregate & Tarmac Sites
  • And many more...

Site Services - Spider Crane Hire

A big asset of DP Gears and our Birmingham engineering site services is having our own spider crane for hire. Using our spider crane for your company’s engineering site services requirements is a huge logistical benefit.

It is designed to lift and manoeuvre heavy and awakward objects in hard-to-access areas. This is perfect for engineering site services as it enables us to move typically immovable machinery and carry out work on your broken-down equipment without hassle.

Our spider crane has a 2.9-ton lift capacity, meaning we can carry out onsite engineering site services faster and more efficiently, in turn reducing your company’s downtime waiting for the repair to be completed.

Get An Engineering Site Services Quote

If you are in urgent need of our engineering site services in Birmingham, West Midlands, and across the UK, get in touch with us for a quote.

gear cutting and repairs machine

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