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Engineering Services In Dudley

Our Engineering Services Dudley

A wide range of machine tools and engineering abilities are available to our Dudley machinists. Providing engineering breakdown solutions in Dudley is one of our key strengths because of our experience and ability to customize solutions to meet the needs of every customer.

For most breakdowns in Dudley, reverse engineering is a useful technique. To repair or replace worn-out, damaged, or old gears, DP Gears will locate their geometrical configuration.

During reverse engineering, specialized measuring and inspection tools are used to determine the exact dimensions. The process DP gears use allows the deconstruction of a gear to analyse it, allowing us to create an exact copy of the original if needed.

DP Gears is a business with reverse engineering repair services that are not restricted to gears, so if you are experiencing an engineering breakdown emergency, don't hesitate to contact us.

Dudley Engineering Services
Engineering Processes In Dudley

Engineering Processes in Dudley:

  • Milling – machining with rotating cutters
  • repairs for shafts & worn parts
  • Turning - the machining process which includes tool bit which isn't rotatable 
  • Key seating – the result of drill-string wearing an additional hole
  • Surface and cylindrical grinding – process to shape the outside of objects
  • Boring –  cutting tool with single-point (such as a barrel)
  • Thread milling – thread mill inserted into a workpiece such as nuts, bolts, and screws
  • Cast-iron sleeves for motor-end shields
  • Slotting – cutting tool for vertical axis 


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