Our Spider Crane Is Available For Onsite Work

Spider Crane

Our spider crane is an effective, flexible, helping hand in hard to access areas, with a total 2.9 ton lift.

Spider cranes are capable of fitting through normal doorways, mostly used in places where larger cranes cannot get but still just as tough. 

As Built up environments across the world continue to grow and inflate, so do the high demands on engineering works. To find ways of working efficiently in areas where space is at a premium mini-cranes like spider cranes offer versatility, manoeuvrability and lifting capacity therefore, fast becoming a natural solution to increasingly complex challenges which DP Gears are happy to help with.

Spider cranes are loved across the world as they are an ingenious way to heavy lift in areas too small too gain access with a larger crane. The reduced weight and compact design of UNIC spider cranes means they are ideal for being moved and used on low-bearing floors. The smallest spider cranes are so narrow they can be moved through standard single doorways. At DP Gears our Spider Crane is available for onsite work – inside or out. From water treatment plants to aggregate industry to car and food.


red spider crane in action