We Can Offer A Full Breakdown Service On Machining

Machining Gear Cutting Services

DP Gears are highly experienced gear cutters and manufactures providing an excellent service, manufacturing and gear cutting all types, from large-scale high-volume production to single one-offs. Regarded as one of the UK's leaders in precision gear cutting and engineering. Our first-class service and large capacity, enable us to offer a competitive price and a fast turnaround.

Our gear cutting specialists can offer a full breakdown service on machining gears and cutting. Just cutting or complete, we hold large amounts of special cutters for obsolete and unobtainable pitches and sizes. Below is a brief list of the types of gears we cut:

  • Helical - The teeth of this gear are set at an angle. They are cut at an angle to the axis and typically engage slowly and more smoothly than others.
  • Spur – These are a common type of gears and generally have straight teeth. This gear is usually the most cost effective.
  • Worm & wheel – DP Gears can make single or multiple start worms and leads.
  • Bevel- We custom manufacture high quality bevel gears for many types of industry from small to large.

example of our specialist machining gears cutting service

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